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One Direction(:

I hate this



the question says if you were a girl…

now look at Louis’ face

Like, you can’t date a boy if you’re not a girl?

What the fuck is wrong with the world?

Wow, he doesn’t look okay. Poor baby. 

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One Direction - ‘Live While We’re Young’ LIVE Acoustic

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new reaction gif for everything ever

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Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the boys at their ripe age of 18


there’s harry

and niall

then zayn 

and liam 

and best of all louis

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A Larry Stylinson One Shot



“Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend; somewhere along in the bitterness.”

“I’ll meet up with you guys later, Lou.”

As soon as those words left Harry’s grinning lips, Louis’ world fell apart. This strange feeling came about him; he couldn’t tell if it was butterflies from the hype of the awards show, or if it was the feeling of his heart – his heart crumbling into bits and pieces.

How did I let this happen? Why was I so stupid?

Louis looked back again at his curled haired mate who had found his place alongside Nick. The crowd was roaring; Gryles, Gryles, Gryles, Gryles. Each chant sunk Louis deeper and deeper into the despair surrounding him. That was supposed to be them, the crowd was supposed to be chanting; Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry.

“You a’ight mate?” Niall’s concern hit Louis’ eardrums with a pound. Louis no longer felt well, and Niall knew it. Niall always knew; he was always the one to make sure everyone else was ok. The Irish native patted the Doncaster boys’ shoulder, “you gettin’ some nerves aye? This is sick! ‘Da fans have been wicked!” Louis meekly smiled at his friend, who was still going on and on about what an achievement this was, how lucky the five boys were to be in this place. That only two years ago they were introduced; five strangers; five lives; five dreams.

It wasn’t love at first sight, of course it wasn’t. Perhaps it was lust, or perhaps it had only started out as a friendship. But what had started as a friendship grew into something much deeper. A newfound love, a bond that neither boys could really explain. They couldn’t be in love - they were only mates! They liked girls, cars, and music!

But it happened.

It dropped on them like a ton of bricks, causing the kind of whiplash that left Harry madly and deeply in love, and Louis madly and deeply in confusion.

Confusion as to how this happened. Confusion as to why he feels this way. Confusion as to how the bloody hell he could have potential feelings for a guy. That’s impossible! He was straight, and he knew it!

But something was different. He loved Harry; he loved the other boys too. That was always the argument, you see. ‘I love all of them, they’re my best mates!&rsqu o;

But with Mr. Styles, something was different. Be it the butterflies he would get in his stomach whenever the curly haired boy was around, or perhaps the way the huskiness in Harry’s voice caused the hairs on Louis’ back to stand up. Something was different, Louis knew it. Something was different.

It wasn’t until just this moment – Louis had seen Harry leave him; actually physically leave his side to be with Nick Grimshaw. A good chap, hadn’t done anything particularly wrong to him. but at this moment, it was taking everything in Louis’ being not to strangle the radio host.

What have I done? Louis was frustrated within himself; he had been digging a hole that was undiggable. He had tried everything; getting a girlfriend, denying the rumors, deeming Larry Stylinson as ‘the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard.’ But the one thing he did, the biggest mistake of his life; denying Harry’s love.

And now it was gone. Sure, harry still loves him. They’re best mates! However, his bags have been packed. Harry is leaving, going off to his own flat down the street. Those moments of tummy tickles and heart melting were little to gone. He’s given up on trying; instead finding undeniable love in a Mister Nick Grimshaw.

How could I let things get this bad? How could I have turned my back on him?


 It was nighttime, half past eleven, and Harry hadn’t shown up.

The rest of the day had been spent alongside Zayn and Niall; Liam was still too upset about his recent break up to play along with the boys. A few beers, and a lot of laughs later, Louis was starting to feel just a smidge better. Niall and Zayn were good guys, they knew all along of Louis’ feelings, though they didn’t want to bring it up. A sensitive subject, it was.

So why was it that now, when Louis was all alone in the empty, cold flat, he felt worse than ever? Harry hadn’t shown up, harry was still with Nick, what were they doing, why are they taking so long. The questions were consuming Louis’ complete being.

He got up; straightened his trousers and walked to the kitchen. After slamming the clutter drawer open, his hands fished around for a pad of paper and a pen – ah, there it was! After popping the lid of the pen off, Louis scribbled messily on the paper.

Well here goes nothing, he thought to himself as he placed it back in the drawer, leaving behind the pad of paper sat on the counter on display. With a deep breathe, Louis made his way to the ba lcony. The balcony where harry held Louis as he wept over his parents divorce; when things were difficult with Eleanor; when he got hate on twitter. The balcony was Louis’ safe place. The place he could be with Harry, alone.

With one last glance on the inside of his flat, Louis stepped outside. A cool breeze shook him slightly, giving him goosebumps. It was a cool day in London, the streets were busy below him.

Louis had been an adventurous kid, getting up on the railing was nothing to him. Merely one last hardship.


Louis’ stomach erupted with butterflies; a feeling of both nausea and adrenaline came over him. just as he was about to take the plunge, the front door creaked open.

LOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” the outburst made Louis flinch; he lost his balance immediately.

And he fell.


And just as Louis’ lifeless body frantically fell twenty floors into the busy streets of downtown London; Harry’s world came crashing down.


 I’m sorry Haz. I love you, but I loved you too late.

Always in my heart.

Larry Stylinson <3

                                    -Boo Bear xx       

Why.Would.You. Do that?!









What the hell is wrong with you?! That is the saddest/best thing I’ve ever read!

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